Team Training allows our staff to work closely with your team to train them consistently over a specified amount of time. Our staff will work closely with the coach of a team to put together and implement a curriculum designed to help the team meet their goals.



Our coaching staff will provide 15 hours of training over a 5 day period. This 5 day camp allows Club or High school coaches to observe as our coaching staff work closely with their team. Prior to the first session, our staff will sit down with the head coach of a team to discuss what they would like to achieve in this week long training period. Training sessions are then tailored to the needs and wants of the team and their coaching staff. All training plans will be provided to the head coach to re visit through his/her season.

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Over a set period of time, our staff will work with a team on a weekly basis. As always, training sessions will be tailored to the needs and goals of the team and their coaching staff. Weekly team training allows regular contact with a team throughout their season and allows our coaches to get to know and mentor your players over an extended period of time.

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